Mount Rainier with Little Kids

Mount Rainier Hike

Summer is coming to an end here in the PNW and before fall arrives, my one wish was to hike Mount Rainier with my little kids. I had heard that the wildflowers around the Paradise area in late July and August are plentiful and beautiful.

Mount Rainier With Little Kids

Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most beautiful parks around. It offers an array of different types of hikes including paved, stroller-friendly hikes. They make going to Mount Rainier with little kids of all ages doable!

There is a $30 fee to enter the park which grants unlimited entry for one vehicle and passengers for seven consecutive days. The rangers at the entry are very helpful and are happy to answer questions. We arrived at the Nisqually Entrance, from there, it was a 19-mile drive to Paradise. The views from the parking lot at Paradise alone we stunning!

The Skyline Trail is the main trail when hiking out of paradise. It is a 5.6 mile heavily trafficked route with 1,788 ft elevation gain. There are other trails that connect to the Skyline trail so there are lots of options!

If I wasn’t hiking with young kids (2 & 7) I would have chosen to do the whole skyline loop but the whole loop would have been a bit much for them. We chose to take the deadhorse creek trail to glacier vista. If you park in the lower lot, the deadhorse trail is the main trail out of the parking lot. It was just over 3 miles roundtrip which was about perfect for my crew. One of the great things about this hike is because it starts right at the top of the treeline, you don’t have to hike very far or high to see the amazing views.

Mount Rainier With Little Kids

The views are stunning in every direction in this area. There is an array of things to keep the kids interested including creeks, chipmunks, marmots, butterflies, wildflowers, and of course the views!

I packed a backpack with lots of water and lots of snacks. I have found that when hiking (or doing anything with kids) I always need to bring twice as many snacks as I think we’ll need because without fail someone won’t want something I bring and someone will be much hungrier than expected. The snacks were their incentive to get to the top. The views were incredible from this viewpoint- we were grateful for a clear day!

Here is a link for other things to do in the Paradise area and here is a link for the hikes in Paradise.

Mount Rainier with Kids Paradise Area Trails

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